Recent News and Installations

DUBAI BURJ KHALIFA, CHINA, Sorry I don't update this much but some nice things on the horizon for #globalangelwingsproject. I have pins and beautiful scarves available and SKYSPACE LA will be featuring products from my line at their gift shop. Travels include China, Dubai , Australia, Japan Hawaii , Africa East coast, and more. I still don't like those BIG HASHTAGS people put on murals that are now doing 'wings' in order to commercialize or to get tagged etc.Ive started to see so many. I find it -too commercial- is it ab out the tag or follow now, rather then the moment? plus distracting to the overall painting-- - so don't think I'll ever be doing that- peace. Been busy, Global Angel Wings: Laguna beach,Okinawa japan,Facebook Seattle,Lexington Kentucky,L:afayette Louisiana,Toronto Canada,Tokyo,Salvation Army , Germany, Wakefield England, Taiwan CMT new video on Street Art - Pet collars and leashes, earth angel, available at . Our animals are our angels- unconditional love This Weekend is Kaboo Delmar- music and art festival-San Diego- I'll be working with Sugar Press to bring some work there . SKY WINGS at US bank building downtown LOS ANGELES one of the tallest building on the West Coast- have The GLOBAL ANGEL WINGS at the top of the Balcony by the slide. Go take a look- at the top of the world- This month -August welcomes Germany with YOOZOO games at GAMES com and the U.K., WAKEFIELD.