The Global Angel Wings Project

Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012, in the streets of Los Angeles, the City of Angels. They were painted to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth.
They are human sized interactive street art, wings that people take photos with and thus become part of the art.
The first pair were painted illegally but the response was natural, immediate, and spontaneous - from people of all sorts and backgrounds, both those who were photographed and those who asked for the wings.
Colette has painted wings globally - Kenya, Australia, Taiwan, France, Cuba, Juarez Mexico, and more, and many in the USA.
Though some are commissioned and others gifted, the wings themselves are free to the world, never owned by anyone, not even Colette, though they are of her provenance and her work.

Photo of Colette MillerI have always been creative—visually in my paintings and filmmaking; musically through my band, DayGlo Aborigines. Past bands include GWAR, Milk and Blest. Art has continued to define most of my life's purpose since graduating Art School at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, continuing  film studies at UCLA, editing,filming for Econews, independent documentary film projects in Burkina Faso on the water shortage ,and on The Global Angels Wings Project with the Kayole Wings Miller boxing Club in Kenya.

My recent Interactive Street Art Angel Wings project started in 2012 has gone Global . the first few pair were 'self authorized" in the gritty streets of downtown LA, the city of Angels, human sized, so people could wear them.
I have had wings installed in Washington DC, West Virginia,Richmond Virginia,Crystal City, Harlem NYC, Africa (Kenya- Koyale, Nairobi, Kogelo) Australia- (Perth,Melbourne,Sydney), Los Angeles, Turkey,Havan Cuba, Miamia, Philadelphia, Hermosa Beach,Ventura, Hollywood, Juarez Mexico,,and North Shore,Hawaii and more. People spontaneously take photos with them ,becoming part of the art . Social Media has helped to expand the global reach. I recently presented at TEDx Culver City on the project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt5Mrt77Mho&feature=share. The Cathedral in Los Angeles, blessed by the Arch Bishop has an exhibit with the Angel Wing Photos taken by Gary Leonard.
They are interactive street art angel wings , to remind humanity , we can be the Angels of this Earth.
I hope they are a symbol of peace.

My art is inspired by my heart, dreams, philosophies, memories, psychic or intuitive forces and color and movement. I never consider a painting finished until I reach a point of love for the piece, a certain wholeness and completeness; where nothing essentially nags at me, telling me its not done. I believe sucessful art tends to invoke a type of meditation or mind travel .

My mother grew up in Holland and Indonesia and my father in America, I feel  globally connected, rather then a patriotic member of one country. Having traveled extensively, I've sold and shown work internationally and been influenced by many cultures including South Africa,Middle East, Europe, China, Tibet, East Africa (where I painted a mural for an orphanage) and the Americas. I find one's environment can be very influential, emotionally, physically and mentally on what one is called to paint.

The philosophies of nature and mankind are universal. Humanity craves beauty, love, acceptance, enlightenment and faith in the human race. We all desire it and can attain it if we believe in ourselves. Every soul in this universe is a star. Find your inner light. It's a lifelong quest that's actually worth it.

Colette  Miller




1988- VCU , Richmond, Va. 
 BFA in Painting and Printmaking
2000- UCLA, Film Studies
2006-2010  Pico Rivera , Film Editing

2012-The Global Angel Wings Project Interactive Street Art Angel Wings

Exhibits in South Africa, New York City, Virginia,Australia, Perth,Melbourne, Sydney,Cuba,Turkey

Greece, Washington D.C.,Kenya, Los Angeles, Juarez, Mexico